We believe in creating meaningful products that serve a purpose in the real world. By identifying the fundamental problem we are able to craft tangible products for disruptive start-up’s.

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Arc X

The world’s first smart sport ring

Ciroc Sleeve

Creating luxury experiences


Disruptive bike lights

Choose Water

Sustainable single-use packaging

Mason Cycles

Shutter mudguard

Freefly VR

Mobile VR headset

Who are we?

LUMA-iD is a multi-award winning team of designers and engineers. We work with startups and SMEs, to some of the worlds most exciting consumer and marketing brands to create physical products.
Having gone through the start-up process with our own products , we believe our specialism lies within supporting entrepeneurs from concept to market
Our lean setup allows us to adapt to our client’s needs within the fast-paced start-up world. By utilising our trusted network of partners, our approachable team oversees projects throughout the entire product development process.

Mark Little

Co-founder & Director

Luke Vos

Co-founder & Director

Mike Holt

Electronics Consultant

Hans Ramzan

Senior Designer

Milos Ivanovic

3D Designer

Our process


Divergent research into the key factors of a problem helps to uncover the underlying issues our clients are aiming to solve.


Consolidating this research shapes the product design specification (PDS), a set of guidelines that builds the constraints which define the goals of the project.


From a simple sketch through to pre-production parts, a rigorous and iterative process ensures a cost effective method for product development that meets the project's demands.


Once a design is technically capable, financially viable and meets usability requirements, a product can be brought to market.

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